Friday, May 11, 2007

I've arrived

After spending my first red eye night in 22E (2 people sitting on each of my right and left sides), I was totally worked. When I got off the plane in London (long story), it was 10AM. I had jumped 8 time zones since getting up at 4AM the day before. I was crazy zonked. While on the bus to the next terminal, I noticed that the 'yield' signs in London said 'give way'. I was sorely tempted to comply. Tears of exhaustion were threatening to spill out while I tried to think of a way I could rest during the next 9 hours before my next red eye, this time to Johannesburg. I got a British Coke, water and a snack and sat down to come up with a plan. I just couldn't see laying out in the guest area with all my crap strewn about me. What if I crashed, overslept and missed my flight? Why do North Americans have the crappiest tasting Coke in the world? What if someone walked off with my laptop bag? Worse, what if my bags would then be considered to be 'unattended'? A lovely-sounding British lady did keep saying that bags 'left unattended will be destroyed'. Why does even that sound pleasant in a British-media accent?

I consulted the airport directory and saw that there was a spa on the premises, Urban Retreat. I thought that maybe I could have like an hour-long massage or something, at least getting that much sleep and working out the kinks from having attempted to rest face down on my tray table. I walked in and opened their brochure; nap-pods! Sam, the attendant on duty, said that they didn't have any of the pods in at that location but that she could let me sleep in the nap room for as long as I liked for £15! Awesome! So, I did. I slept from noon until about 4PM. I also used the in-room massage chair, the incredible shower (shower head as big as a turkey platter) and, when I came out to the relaxing area after sleeping, they brought me hot tea, said I could stay as long as I liked. Love it. I was so thankful. Near-exhaustion averted.

There's more to tell but suffice to say that I'm safe in Windhoek now, at the Boylans. I'm super-groggy but staying up until normal time here so I can get back on schedule. I power-napped from 2PM-6PM.

Also, one of my bags was lost but now is found.

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