Saturday, May 19, 2007


I just ate, for the first time, zebra, oryx and kudu (pictured at the left, in order of consumption). I was nervous about ordering it, in case I didn't like it, but I needn't have been. Mostly, it all tasted like moose. Except the zebra, which just tasted like tender beef. So either those meats aren't that different from other free-ranging animals or I just got fed cow, named wrong. Either way, tasty. Also, a mountain of mashed sweet potatoes, which function just like ice cream; it doesn't matter how much you eat, the potatoes just slide into the cracks.

And I did take pictures but can't share them because I can't find my usb cable. Either left it at the Bible Society or with the Boylans.


Peter said...

Kudu is good stuff, though it can have a tangy taste to it. You really need to try some hartebeest and warthog. Crocodile is also good if it isn't too "fishy".

eshinee said...

Dunno if I could order 'warthog' with a straight face though, eh? For my 3 meats, I could just say 'game platter'.

Though I had 'game goulash' last night; meat unspecified. Maybe that had a little 'warthog' in it... and they couldn't say it with a straight face either.

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