Sunday, May 20, 2007

Inner City Lutheran Church

Had a bit of a hectic morning with a pleasant resolution. I realized late yesterday afternoon that I didn't know where to go to church this morning so I went online to look for a Lutheran church to attend. I found references to an Inner City Lutheran in Windhoek West but there was only a phone number, no street address. When I called the number, there was no answer. I decided to email both the YWAM base in Windhoek and Jim at LBT, to see if they could help me find a church. I had no responses from either by the time I went to bed last night. And most churches don't appear to avertise in the phone book; I didn't even see a church section in the yellow pages.

At 8:30AM this morning, I checked my email and saw that Jim had written me back with an address and service time: 9:0AM. I had less than 1/2 hour to make it! So, I called a taxi and hurried to the church, went in and sat down. The church was full enough that I was sitting in the overflow seats at the end of the aisles. I had no service book or hymnal but was able to muddle through it for the most part. I was delighted to see that Rev. Petrus, of the Khoekhoegowab translation project, was the guest pastor that morning. I had had no idea that he'd be there! He gave a solid message on John 14:15-19 and I was glad to hear him preach. Afterwards, there were announcements and the welcoming of guests, where I stood and said where I was from. We had an offering and sang.

Then, they began to sing 'Trust & Obey'. Instantly, I was transported back to the last time I remember singing that song. I remembered being the kitchen at the YWAM house in Haiti and being in a time of seeking God's plan for my life. As I was working and praying, that song came to mind and I was compelled to go retrieve a hymnal and sing the whole thing through with a friend who was working with me. We sang and laughed for joy; I remember the feeling of trust in God, despite circumstance, that was given to me as I sang the words. And I knew that God had plans for me, that if I would just continue to trust his leading, he would show me what and how to obey.

To be standing there among my brothers and sisters in Christ in Namibia, singing this song once again, was a reminder to me of that season of my life when God first inspired me to the work of Bible translation. I felt that same joy again, as if God was reminding me, "You see? You can trust me. I have brought you to this place. Remember the promise that I made to you, before you could even understand what I was saying. As you obey, I will continue to show you how to obey. As you trust, I will confirm your trust." I'm putting words in his mouth, of course. But that is the jist of the impression I was impacted with by the serendipitousness of the singing of that hymn, at this time, in this place. I needed that.

After the service, I talked briefly with the regular pastor and another church member. Then, Petrus gave me a lift in his bakkie back to the Hotel. Where I am now. It's another beautiful sunny day with a delicious cooling breeze. I am resisting going out into it as I know I'll be running around outdoors alot for the next 3 days. Not wanting to push my skin's limits, me. I do have my sliding door wide open, though.

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