Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The "intruder"

Last night was pretty wild. A wind whipped up around dinner time and continued through the night. Now, I've been leaving the light on in the bathroom when I go to dinner because there's a motion-sensor porch light that doesn't sense my motion (I feel like a superhero) outside my door and Rob can tell you how 'good' I am with keys. Well, last night, it decided to start sensing all kinds of motion. I kept waking up because the outside light would come on and it was as bright as if someone had switched on the bedside table light in the bedroom. The wind was howling a bit, the trees in particular being all rustly. And it would take me a moment to realize that it was the light that woken me up... until I saw all the motion outside the sliding glass door. When I finally got up the nerve to go look, I saw that the tablecloth had blown off the patio table and there was a cat playing with it while it blew around against my door.

So, I'm a little tired this morning. Nearly didn't drag myself out of bed and off to breakfast. And it is cold here today! Though I said as much to the lady at the desk and she replied, looking at me like I was a bit demented, "It is winter." As if I had said, "Wow! I'm breathing oxygen today!"

The knee is much better. I can walk on it without adding to my discomfort. My only remaining issue is a little tenderness in front of my left kneecap and soreness in my left thigh. My back is still not as happy with me as it could be but it's been that way since the flight over. Not sure what I'm going to do today, yet. I'm leading towards not hiking around. Crossing the street is pretty athletic here as crosswalks don't mean anything. I found this out the hard way downtown. I was crossing with the 'little man walking' symbol when I realized that all those cars with the red light were driving like they had a green! I had to do a stop-start crossing, waiting for each string of cars to walk past before moving on. And they honked at me! So, I learned to ignore the signs. I cross when everybody else does, now. And if there's no-one else around, I wait until there are no cars in sight either way. That's the other difficulty; I'm used to checking cars coming from the left, then the right. Here, it's the opposite and I keep forgetting that. I end up checking both ways, both sides of the road, every time. Exhausting.

So, yeah; may work 'from home' today.

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