Friday, May 04, 2007

Still packing

Tomorrow is our 6th anniversary! We're going to see Spiderman 3 in the morning. We haven't planned past that. We may take some gametime to play some Neverwinter Nights 2, something we haven't done in weeks. We'll eat good food in restaurants, most likely, an spend a quiet evening at home, together.

Today, I want to focus on clothing. I have one bag packed with most of what I'll need for the trip next week. I need to find out the weight limits for my flight and then weigh it, make sure it's OK. I'd like to just put whatever I was thinking of taking to Namibia in August right in an Action Packer, make sure it will all fit. If it won't, I then need to decide what will go and what will stay. That means washing some clothes first. I realized this morning that I should have done this part of the process back when I did laundry last week. Phaw.

We're doing well, I think. We have a whole wall of tubs that are ready to go stored directly, somewhere. Still deciding if they'll go here under Rob's folks house or back to Potlatch, with Larry and Suzanne.

We're lunching with Rob's folks today. I haven't seen them in days and days, not since Sunday.

It's raining like a morning shower out there.

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the battered ham said...

Happy belated anniversary and have a great trip!

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