Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hotel Pension Uhland

This is my official 'prop' of where I'm staying. I wanted to throw some pictures up so you could see the place.

These are the owners, Irmgard and Jürgen, with their dog, Schoko. Schoko appears to have somewhat of a free range of the place and occasionally pops up where I don't expect him - behind a parked car that I am passing, running into the lobby, walking past my door. He is very well-behaved though and has not acknowledged my presence in the least.

This is the breakfast buffet. The coffee is hot and is served with real hot milk, a decent approximation of a latte. Love the fruited yogurt and the fresh fruit salad. The Camembert cheese is good too.

The dining area. See the guy sitting near the window, second from the right? That's my table, where I usually sit. It has good light and a view on the hotel property. I bring a book.

I have yet to use the pool or the help-yourself outdoor bar, largely because I haven't seen anybody else doing so. Truthfully, I'm not much for swimming in pools. I'm more of a lay-about-the-pool type of gal, which I definitely don't see anyone doing here. Probably better off that I don't, anyhow.

More pictures and descriptions with a link for booking information can be found on their website.

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