Monday, May 21, 2007

Excursion in the city

I picked out a bag of rocks at the House of Gems.

I left the hotel around 10AM and just got back at 2PM. I would have stayed out longer but I appear to have bunged up me knee by just plain walking around. Kinda frustrating. I had to try not to visibly limp all the way home. I hope it clears up quickly so I can go out again tomorrow. I did bring a supplement for rapid healing with me and I hope it helps. Ah well, I think I made some headway in the "living in Namibia" investigation. Here's what I learned today, all prices US:

➀ HP Photosmart C3183 costs $135; online, the C3180 is $100
➁ HP Deskjet D2360 costs $82; online, the same model is $50
➂ Raleigh M200X costs $114; couldn't find online
➃ Panasonic NV-G557 costs $613; couldn't find online
➄ Stagg 5-string bass at pawn shop for $248; someone paid $254 for one in a review online

I also got some information from the visa office. I asked about volunteering in-country, what the paperwork requirements are. They said they're the same as for paying work. Which we had thought all along. I just wanted to double-check while I was in the neighborhood.

I ate lunch at Wimpy's. I think I'm all done with Wimpy's.

I visited the Namibia Museum and the United Nations Library. I'd have spent more time but, you know, the knee.

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