Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Last full day in Windhoek

...for this trip, anyhow. I saw my first educational HIV/AIDS advertisement in the newspaper this morning, after reading about a week's worth of "The Namibian". It was about 4 inches tall, single column width, grey background width with white lettering. It read like this:


You cannot get HIV
by being friends.

[logo of sponsoring organization here]

I think the point was to encourage people not to stigmatize 'HIV-infected' individuals.

Today, I hope to walk over to the BSN and invite the KKG team to lunch. I say hope because this will be my first walking trip attempt since the knee incident on Monday. The BSN isn't far, though, so if I have to turn around and come back, it won't be a big deal. There's an Indian restaurant, Taal, that I'm wanting to try. Also, I picked up some of the new visa requirements at the visa office on Monday and wanted to be sure that both Shawn and BSN have a copy. I'm pretty sure they have a photocopier there.

I may call Shawn later this morning to see if they found the usb cable for my camera in Rachel's room. It certainly isn't at the BSN office. It would be a shame if I couldn't transfer any of the pictures of the last week without buying a new cable... for a camera that we're not going to be using anymore after this trip.

I bit the bullet this morning and looked at the headline on a paper that's been staring me in the face since I got here, sitting on the table in the entryway of the guesthouse. On the front page, in full color, is a naked torso of a woman, with only the very tips of the nipples covered with little white stars. I was taken aback at first until I remembered that Rob had told me that European types are far less worked up about nudity then North American types. Still, I couldn't imagine what the headline would be for front page frontal nudity. So, I finally looked: of course! A front page story on the rising number of breast implant surgeries in Namibia! Got it. Come to think of it, hey did look kind of augmented.

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