Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Revised schedule

Here's what the schedule was, as I figured on last week:

Monday -
➤ Visa office: DONE - the procedure is just as we had thought, though the new forms look slightly different
➤ Bushman art: DONE - went to the museum
➤ City Optics: DONE - by email
➤ Internet Cafe: NO NEED - I get plenty of speed here at the hotel
Orbit Tech: STILL TO DO - emailed, no response yet

Tuesday -
➤ University of Namibia: STILL TO DO - though, I probably won't; not information that I need prior to coming back

Wednesday -
➤ CycleTec: DONE - got a bike price for reference
Orthodontist: STILL TO DO - emailed but haven't heard back yet
➤ Canon: DONE - gt a price on a camcorder

I guess since those are the only 2 pressing things left to do, I could do them both on Wednesday, if I have to. I am also looking into going to Paulinuum seminary, if I can figure out where it is.

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