Saturday, May 19, 2007

Much tastiness

Now, I talk about the food. The thing I remember most vividly from any trip is the taste of what I ate. The next most vivid is the smell, of the air. Here's what I've eaten since coming to the Hotel:
dinner: pumpkin soup with bread, fruit salad and ice cream with Amarula (a local liqueur)
breakfast: whole wheat bread, fruit salad, full-fat fruited yogurt, biltong, camembert, some other random cheese and coffee with hot milk

Looking now for the local English-speaking Lutheran church. I've found only one, Inner City Lutheran, but the only thing I've found on its location so far is that it's somewhere in Windhoek West. Pretty open-ended. I'll keep looking for information, though.

I am resting today, completely. Not hard to do since everything shuts down here around 1PM on a Saturday.

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